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question mark image on buttonTo utilize this Web Site, you have two options to use.

Option 1: In the 'Scholarships' area, search the full database, view any scholarships you feel you may qualify for, download the General Application and fill your application data, print and send to the appropriate entity. No profile is created and no application data is held in this system.

Option 2: Create a 'User Profile', enter in all your application information into the system, view your 'Available Scholarships' with them listed in the order of those that you most qualify for first, view and print the application, submit to the appropriate entity.

Again, with Option 1, no data is stored on the system, you are merely browsing the scholarships and manually filling out an application for each scholarship you wish to apply for. No filtering is used in listing scholarships. You must view the requirements on each scholarships to determine if you qualify.

As compared to Option 2, you have a stored profile which is used by the system to give you a visual tool to see scholarships that you would most qualify for. With your login name and password, the data can be edited and updated anytime. This also allows you to print the application on the fly for any given scholarship.

We hope you enjoy using this site for your local scholarship inquiries.
If you have any questions or problems in using this site, 
please email us at or contact your local high school Career Center.



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